Ketone Technologies Travel Award

What is the Ketone Technologies Travel Award

We established the Ketone Technologies Travel Award to help junior scientists travel to conferences where they can connect with like minded experts in the field. Based on my experience, being able to attend scientific conferences are essential in order to build the desired career, to learn about the latest research and to find out about new opportunities. Attending these events can be life changing. I know that when the words "we believe in you" are followed by actions, it can make a big difference in someone`s life, so we would like to provide some help to those who are wishing to attend the conferences that align with our company`s research goals, but are in need of financial support.


The first Ketone Technologies Travel Award was given to Jakob Norgren, a PhD student from the Karolinska Institute at the Metabolic Health Summit, 2019 for the best poster presentation.

Photo: from right to left: Dominic D`Agostino, Jakob Norgren, Csilla Ari D`Agostino


2nd Ketone Technologies Travel Award

Ketone Technologies Travel Award at the Ocean Planet Conference

The Ocean Planet Conference is a unique event bringing together top experts from across many ocean disciplines and making their world accessible to curious minds, to learn, to inspire, and to celebrate the ocean frontier. 

The Ocean Planet Conference took place  October 18th & 19th, 2019, Los Angeles, CA.  

Cecile Renaud was selected as the winner of the 2nd Ketone Technologies Travel award, who travelled all the way from France to participate at the conference and we are hoping to work with her on future projects.

Photo: from right to left: Dominic D`Agostino, Cecile Renaud, Csilla Ari D`Agostino 


New award announcement


Call for proposals! Ketone Technologies Travel Award at the Metabolic Health Summit


The Metabolic Health Summit is an international conference  bridging the gap between keto science & society that will take place in Los Angeles, CA, between Jan 30th-Feb 2nd 2020. 

We call for proposals to apply for the next Ketone Technologies Travel Award to support a junior scientist attending the MHS.


Anyone can apply who will present a scientific poster at the MHS 2020 before earning a PhD degree, including undergraduate and graduate students, but is not limited to people who are currently enrolled at any school. Only junior scientists may apply, someone who holds a PhD would not qualify.


10th of January, 2020

Award amount: $300

Application requirements:

-Abstract of poster presentation

The proposals will be evaluated based on the proposed research`s originality, quality, clearly defined objectives/methods, innovation and scientific merit.

Please email your application to