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Our mission is to support scientific research connected to nutritional ketosis and exogenous ketone supplementation

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Scientific Research

Our mission is to partner with government agencies and support scientific research to advance the science and application of nutritional ketosis as a metabolic-based therapy and for enhancing safety, performance and resilience of military personnel 


Scientific Consulting/Public Speaking

Experts on ketone technologies are available for public speaking engagements. Learn from those who do and understand the science. 


Product Development and Testing

We are just beginning to understand what are the most ideal formulations of supplements in order to optimize safety and performance. We constantly aim for the best.

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Ketone Technologies Travel Award

The first Ketone Technologies Travel Award was given to Jakob Norgren, a PhD student from the Karolinska Institute at the Metabolic Health Summit, 2019 for the best poster presentation.

Photo: from right to left: Dominic D`Agostino, Jakob Norgren, Csilla Ari D`Agostino



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About Us

Csilla Ari D`Agostino, Ph.D.

Csilla Ari Dagostino D`Agostino wife Dominic Ketone Technologies

CEO, Ketone Technologies LLC

University of South Florida

Assistant Professor

Dominic D`Agostino, Ph.D.

Dominic Dagostino D`Agostino ketone research supplement ketogeenic diet

CSO, Ketone Technologies LLC

University of South Florida 

Associate Professor

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